EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express

Members & Partners

Founding Members

Public board

  • Georges BARRIOL - Vice-President of Rhône General Council in charge of departmental transport and the Leslys project
  • Jean-Claude DESSEIGNE - Vice President of Grand Lyon in charge of major infrastructures (rail, roads) and logistics
  • Jean-Pierre JOURDAIN - President of the CCEL (Community of Communes of the East of Lyons)
  • Jean-Paul MAUDUY - President of the Rhône-Alpes RCCI (Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Philippe MEUNIER - Député (MP) for Rhône
  • Bernard SOULAGE - Vice-President of Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, in charge of transport, mobility and infrastructures
  • Philippe VENDITELLI - Elected representative of the LCCI (Lyons Chamber of Commerce and Industry)


Private board

  • Salvatore ALAIMO: Chairman and Managing Director of Dimotrans Group
  • Christian CARN: Network Director - TNT Express France
  • Emmanuel De BIENASSIS: Secretary-General of TLF Rhône-Alpes (Federation of French Transport and Logistics companies)
  • Yves FERRAND: Director of Operations - Fedex
  • Yves GUYON: Chairman of Aéroports de Lyon's Board of Directors
  • Gilles PIERSON: Head of Operations and Logistics for France -Air France Cargo /KLM Cargo
  • Jacques ROLLAND: Director of Géopost - La Poste Group
  • Philippe ROSE: Deputy Managing Director - France Handling/WFS