EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express


Study of Lyon Carex railport 2018 relocation

As part of the project to set up a major logistics warehouse at Lyon airport, Aéroports de Lyon commissioned Ingerop to study a new location for the Lyon Carex railport site. This new site must offer an effective connection to the ITE and be compatible with the Lyon-Turin line.

During its meeting on 4 April 2018, the Lyon Carex Board of Directors took note of the study conducted by Aéroports de Lyon on the relocation of the Lyon Carex railport site and issued a favourable opinion on this study.

By a letter dated 5 April 2018, the Chairman of Lyon Carex, Bernard Sinou, notified Aéroports de Lyon of the positive opinion unanimously expressed by the members of the Lyon Carex Board of Directors on the project for the new location of the Carex railport. The letter specifies that the location preserves the possibility of connecting the Carex service to the LGV Méditerranée railline, the Lyon-Turin link and the CFAL railway.